Asus Recovery Disk

Today the use of computer is increasing rapidly. There are various companies out there manufacturing computer system as well as laptop. One such company is Asus. But the interesting fact about this brand is that the motherboards and computers of Asus are designed with special recovery CD ROM that possesses inbuilt re-install software for emergency. If the hard drive of your computer system is corrupt, if the operating system of your computer system requires re-installed or if you accidentally delete any important file from your system then you may take help of Asus recovery CD-ROM. The CD-ROM normally comes in a white envelope with the computer system but it can also be purchased individually. It is very simple and easy to use you simply need to insert it in the CD-ROM tray of your computer system and follow the installation menus.

Now let us find out how to use the Asus recovery CD.

Firstly, you need to find out which components or program of your computer system is not functioning properly and need Asus recovery Disk. You need to check the wireless internet utilities, operating systems, all drivers and also the programs that interface with the hardware of Asus computer. If it is possible then you should try to uninstall the entire corrupted software in prior from the computer system in order to make sure that you make effective repair.

Secondly, you should restart the computer system even if the software of your computer is corrupted. Before your computer reboots, you need to insert the Asus recover CD into the CD-ROM tray. After that you need to allow your computer system to get restart and press F9 to open BIOS. Simply after that you need to click the CD drive button where the recovery CD is situated and after that you again need to restart your computer system to ensure that the computer restarts from the disk drive instead of hard drive. If you do so then the computer system will automatically download the recovery partition of the hard drive. As soon as the downloading is completed you will get a prompt where you will be asked which restore functions is required to be completed.

Thirdly, you need to choose the Asus utility or program according to your desire in order to install the recovery disc dialogue menu and after that simply click the installed button available there. After you click the install button an end-user agreement will open that you need to accept in order to proceed and after that click next button. In this way the Asus recovery Disk will start installing the programs onto your computer system required by you. Moreover, after the re-installing process is over you may require rebooting the computer system at the end in order to ensure proper installation.

This is the process of using the Asus recovery Disk. It is very simple and easy to use. If in case you are not able to use the recovery CD then you may follow the manual guide.

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