The Asus Recovery DVD

Do you own Asus Laptop? If yes, then you must have got asus recovery DVD along with your computer. It is used to recover
the computer and to remove the undesirable junk from the laptop. The recovery dvd by Asus contained on it a crack tool having serial numbers for the numerous applications, a source code for a vast number of Asus apps, supporting documentation. It also contained a directory of MS documents which are used by PC manufactures, program files and their keys. Not only this, the recovery DVD also contained the secret documentation of Asus which contains the significant compatibility concerns related with their hardware.

How to use the Asus Recovery DVD

To use asus recovery DVD, you have to put the DVD in and then reboot your laptop after which your press ESC. On doing
so, you would get three options. First option would be to recover Windows to 1st partition only. When you choose this option, you would be deleting the first partition only and would be able to keep the other partitions. With this option, you can make a new system partition that is drive “C”. Another option that you get on rebooting your computer on inserting the disc is the option to recover windows to entire HD. When you choose this option, you would be deleting all the partitions from your Hard Disk and again create a new system partition as “C” drive.

The last option that one gets on inserting the recovery DVD is the option to recover Windows to entire Hard Disk with two partitions. When you choose this option, again you would be able to delete all partitions from your hard disk drive and would be able to create two new partitions. One is “C” drive and the other is “D” drive. “C” drive receives 60% of the matter and the rest 40% goes “D” drive. When you buy a brand new Asus laptop, you would get a hard disk with 2 partitions. Therefore, it is  advisable to select the last option which is to recover Windows to entire HD with two partitions when you reboot your laptop
inserting the recovery disc.

So, if you have asus recovery DVD you would be able to use the concealed partition easily and quickly. It is simple
to use and an easy way to restore your laptop. First reboot your laptop and then press F9 key to get ASUS logo. On doing so, recovery procedure starts. You just have to follow the instructions carefully in order to restore your laptop to the factory settings.

So, if you have Asus recovery DVD you would be able to restore your ASUS laptop, would be able to remove the unwanted
junk material and can have easy and quick access to your operating system. Also, you can make an easier access to hidden partition.

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